Apr, 2019

The Preparatory Committee Met to Expand the Conference Topics

During the preparation of the 1st International Conference on Information Technology, Engineering and Science (ICOITES), that was supported by Al-Thakawat Foundation for Culture, Intellect and Arts (TCIA), The Preparatory Committee met on Saturday 6/4/2019 to select the conference topics, and to discuss the possibility of expanding the topics to conclude more fields such as engineering and pure science fields to give a chance for participation of largest number of researchers because of its importance in society. And those who attended the meeting were:

  • Dr. Salah Al-Bermany (Head of Preparatory Committee),
  • Dr. Essam Al-Khadlidy (member in Preparatory Committee),
  • Dr. Munther Bager Hasan (member in Preparatory Committee),
  • Dr. Hazem Aziz Naji (member in Preparatory Committee),
  • Dr. Wessam A. Al-Mutairi, (member / Chairman of TCIA Foundation),
  • Dr. Ahmad Al-Janaby (member/ admin of publishing in conference),
  • Dr. Mohameed Dosh (member in Preparatory Committee)

And the meeting ends with the approved for expanding the topics to cover all engineering topics, and pure science fields. 

ICOITES Website Organizer

ICOITES Conference Organizer, whose responsible for updating and managing the conference Website based on the Head of Conference committee 

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